The twin-screw extruder has become more and more advanced with the progress of science and technology. Now the new twin screw extruder is developed relatively late in China. After the material is sent to the tempering device through the conveying equipment, the material is tempered by high temperature steam in the conditioner and enters the expansion mechanism by the purging slot, and it is engaged in a pair of parallel meshing. The screw pump is sent out and extruded and cut into granules from a certain shape hole.

Because of the large change range of the raw material characteristic of the twin-screw extruder and the need for the screw speed to be adjusted in a large range, the working principle of the twin screw extruder is much more complicated than the single screw extruder, and there is a great difference in the concrete structure, especially the arrangement of the machine barrel, screw and thrust bearing gear box is more complex, which causes the design of the machine. The increase of the cost of preparation, such as the single screw adopts the belt first grade transmission, and the twin screw extruder is driven by the gear box, the two are very different in the manufacturing and transmission efficiency.