Stainless Steel Microwave Heating Equipment Flower Tea Dryer Fast Heating Speed

Stainless Steel Microwave Heating Equipment Flower Tea Dryer Fast Heating Speed

Model No.︰WB

Brand Name︰DATONG

Country of Origin︰China

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Food Grade Stainless Steel Microwave Heating Equipment Flower Tea Dryer

1.Features of Microwave vacuum dryer machine:

1.High energy conversion efficiency, fast heating speed. Microwave oven itself does not heat up, but microwave energy penetrates the material, causing polar molecules in the material to rub against each other and generate heat. So there's no energy loss

2.The swelling effect is obvious. The rapid heating effect of microwave makes the water molecules in the material vaporize quickly to achieve the purpose of expansion

3.Low-temperature sterilization, less loss of nutrients. Microwave sterilization is performed under the dual effect of microwave thermal effect and non-thermal effect. Compared with conventional temperature sterilization, it can obtain satisfactory sterilization effect at lower temperature and in a short time.

4.Easy to use and operate. Microwave power and conveyor speed can be infinitely adjusted, there is no thermal inertia, it can be opened and stopped, easy to control


1. chemical material,medicine tablet or pill,such as watered pills,water-honey bolus,honeyed bolus,condensed pill and Tibetan pill,etc.

2.all kinds of teas,herbs, flowers, green leaves,etc.

3.various dried meat, like beef, pork, chicken,duck, fish etc.
4. powder for various material,such as spices, other food additives.
5. agricultural products,such as china date,nuts,grains,peanut,etc
6.snack food, fruit seeds, grains, peanuts, chips,etc.


    Microwave's unique characteristics of penetration, radiation, absorption, etc. Determine that that the grain dryer microwave dryer has a fast drying speed, high efficiency and short time. The drying function is accompanied by the functions of sterilization and insecticidal eggs, which can prolong the shelf life of the grains and improve the quality of the grains. In addition, the microwave dryer belongs to energy-saving and environment-friendly equipment. Compared with other drying methods, it can save more than 30% energy, and it does not produce any pollution.

   Industrial microwave dryer is used for drying and sterilizing various kinds of food---snack food, agricultural products, fish slice, slice dried meat, bean products, instant noodles, fast food, dried fruit, tea, herbs, karaoke powder, fruit and vegetable in the form of powder, granules, slice, etc.

It maximizes the preservation for activity of materials and vitamins, color & nutrition of food. It makes the goods drying and sterilizing at the same time.


No Modle Power Dehydration capacity(kg/h) sterilization capacity(kg/h) Size L*W*H(mm)
1 WB -12KWSP 12KW 12kg/h 120-150kg/h 7010mm*840mm*1750mm
2 WB -20KWSP 20KW 20kg/h 192-240kg/h 9350mm*840mm*1750mm
3 WB -30KWSP 30KW 30kg/h 300-375kg/h 11690mm*840mm*1750mm
4 WB -40KWSP 40KW 40kg/h 396-495kg/h 10520mm*1060mm*1750mm
5 WB -50KWSP 50KW 50kg/h 504-630kg/h 11690mm*1060mm*1750mm
6 WB -60KWSP 60KW 60kg/h 600-750kg/h 12860mm*1060mm*1750mm
7 WB -70KWSP 70KW 70kg/h 696-870kg/h 14030mm*1060mm*1750mm
8 WB -80KWSP 80KW 80kg/h 804-1000kg/h 12860mm*1200mm*1750mm
9 WB -100KWSP 100KW 100kg/h


  WB -150KWSP 150KW 150kg/h 1500-1875kg/h 21050mm*1200mm*1750mm
  Microwave dryer Frequency 2450±50MHz
  Transmission speed 0-10m/min(adjustable)
  Microwave dryer leak <2 mw/cm^2)

Stainless Steel Microwave Heating Equipment Flower Tea Dryer Fast Heating Speed

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