Advantages extruded feed processing technology

Extruded feed processing is a new feed processing technology, the material in the twin-screw extruder
cavity temperature instantaneous puffed actually a process: a mixture of high temperature (110 -200 ℃),
high pressure (25-lOOkg / cm2 ), and high shear, high moisture (10% -20% or even 30%) of the environ
ment, by continuous mixing, conditioning, heating pressurized ripening, after the formation of an expans
ion extrusion die orifice and suddenly buck loose porous feed. The following analysis of the advantages
of extruded feed:

1 Improving feed utilization

2 Reducing environmental pollution

3 Reducing the occurrence of disease

4 Improving the breeding density

5 Extending the storage period Feed

6 Easy feeding management

7 Can meet the different needs of animals feeding habits

Extruded feed, depending on process can be divided into buoyancy slowly settling, quickly settling 3 types.
Currently, about 80% of the fish feed fodder for the settlement, such as shrimp, salmon, salmon, yellow tail
tuna feed like settlement, while catfish, tilapia, eel, most fish larvae are like floating feed , catfish, tilapia feed
equal preference for settlement and floating feed. Furthermore, extruded feed but also to meet some special
requirements, such as low moisture feed, high-fiber feed.

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The development of puffing snack machinery.
    When the American, Ward, applied for the first patent about puffing in 1856, he must never thought the puffing technology could be used in so many fields after a century like plastic, feed, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil processing and so on. He would never thought the extruding machine be developed twin-screw from single-screw. What’s more, the twin-screw extruder also includes the non intermeshing co rating screw, the relative rotation of non engagement scew , the intermeshing co rating screw, the relative rotation of engagement. More and more people learned the magical of extruding machine. The price of more and more food materials rise after extruding.
    Although our puffing food has a long time, but the development of extrusion machinery is relative lag. We began the research of puffing technology and puffing food until the end of 1970s.
    At the begin of 1980s, puffed leisure food began to appear and enriched Chinese traditional leisure food, which mainly includes peanut, biscuit, candy and sunflower seeds. At the meantime, it led a number of emerging enterprises’ establishing and growing. In 1990s, with the development of market, the maturity of domestic puffing technology as well as the coming of international puffing enterprise, the domestic puffing food enterprises began the industrialization road of development. Entering 21st century, more puffing food ,made by many kinds of raw materials appear and enrich the food market and the life of people.

Microwave puffing technology compared with Fried puffed food

Microwave puffing technology compared with Fried puffed food
    At present, the application of puffing technology puffed food production is still in its infancy,
so should actively carry out expansion theory and technology research, constantly develop
new products.Believe that, with the development of the above work, and the improvement
of people's living standards, meet the needs of the public life of puffed food will develop rapidly.
     Grain is the main food resources on which human being rely, grain processing industry to
provide basic for human beings, is shouldering the food source, ensure human health.The grain
processing industry of the world today is moving toward using modern high technology, intensify
to the limited resources of grain development and improve the grain direction of value-added products.
     Compared with made of Fried puffed leisure food, microwave puffing oil content is low, the
product is not oily or less oily, and crunchy, heating speed, time is short, uniform and high
product quality, heating equipment covers an area of less, etc.Predictably, microwave puffing
technology is a direction of puffed food production technology development.Because our country
basic research for the application of microwave puffing and corresponding equipment development
is still in the preliminary stage, and microwave puffing technology still needs further research and development

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