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Dog food is a food specially provided for pets and small animals. A small dog food is a high-grade animal food that can meet the growth needs of dogs. The main role of dog food equipment is to provide basic pets with essential nutrients for life, growth and health. It has the advantages of comprehensive nutrition, high digestion and absorption rate, scientific formula, quality standards, convenient feeding and prevention, and prevention of certain diseases.

Based on the feedback from many years of dog food manufacturers, Jinan Datong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has developed a dog grain production line with different screw lengths. According to different production types, there are multiple models for customers to choose, and different shapes of molds can be used to produce different shapes. Dog food.

Dog food equipment is configured with different shapes and sizes of molds and pressure-adjusted expansion according to temperature:

Dog food equipment can produce pet food shapes: heart shape, bone shape, round shape, triangle shape, small fish shape, square shape, etc.

The composition of the dog food equipment:

1. Mixing machine: Different types of mixing machine are selected according to the different production of dog food equipment production line. Add appropriate amount of water to the mixing material and stir well. The mixing machine can be configured according to the output of the expansion unit.

2, feeding machine: the use of motor as the power of the screw conveyor, to ensure convenient and fast loading. The raw material directly reaches the extruder through a screw feeder, which is simple in operation, safe and convenient. Save labor.

3. Extruder: According to the different production of dog food equipment production line, different types of twin-screw and single-screw puffing mainframes can be used. The output can range from 70kg/h to 1000kg/h, and various powdery grains and bone powder can be used. Meat powder and the like are used as raw materials, and the shape of the specific product can be changed.

4, hoist: the feed is delivered to the oven, the height of the hoist is determined according to the oven, and the air conveyor can also be used.

5, multi-layer oven: an essential step after the formation of dog food is drying, drying dog food is easier to store and convenient to transport, the oven is mostly electric oven, the temperature is adjusted between 0-200 degrees through the control cabinet, The baking time can be adjusted according to the speed, and there are three-layer, five-layer, seven-layer stainless steel ovens;

6, seasoning line: dog food seasoning can make the dog food color and flavor, let the dog want to enjoy the delicious impulse, the seasoning line includes an octagonal cylinder, lifting single drum, double drum seasoning line.


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