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Jinan Datong core filling snacks production line


Corn Filling Snacks Food Machine Line
Core-filling snacks production line is one of the main products of Jinan Datong Machinery Company. Core-filling snacks is a puffed food made from rice and corn. It is characterized by its crisp taste, salty for young and old, and is the best leisure food. Over the years, our company has been constantly accumulating experience, pioneering and innovative.

The production process of core filling snacks production line is as follows:

1. Selection and impurity removal: Use a stone remover to remove the sand and stone of rice and corn respectively.

2. Crushing and sieving: The rice and corn after impurity removal were crushed through 20 mesh screen respectively.

3. Mixing: Mix rice flour and corn flour evenly in proportion, and keep the moisture content of the raw material in the range of 10%-14%.

4. Stuffing: Butter has good stability and lubricity, and can make the product have better flavor. Therefore, using butter as the carrier of sandwich material is ideal. The pure butter is heated and melted, then cooled to about 40 C. Various fillings which have been crushed and sifted by 60 meshes are added proportionally to mix evenly. In order to ensure product quality, proper amount of butter should be added to ensure that the material is diluted evenly and has good fluidity. Butter should be pure butter, not mixed with water.

5. grain extrusion system: This is the key process of product production. Material expansion directly affects the final texture and taste. After extrusion, the material passes through high temperature and high pressure to become a gel state of fluidity. Through the specially designed sandwich mold, it is extruded evenly and steadily. At the same time, the stuffing is extruded through the machine and injected into the puffed puff evenly through the core filling snacks mold. When extruded, the moisture content of the material decreases to 9%-10%.

6. Shaping: After extruding the stuffed puffed material from the die hole, it needs to be pulled to the shaping machine. After two roll moulding, the puffed food with a certain length and uniform thickness is cut off by the cutter. At this time, the material is cooled and the moisture content is reduced to 6%-8%.

7. Drying: The purpose of baking is to improve the taste and shelf life of the product. By baking, some fillings can be changed from raw to ripe, resulting in the quicker fragrance. After baking, the moisture content of the material can be reduced to 2%-3%.

8. Oil spraying and Spice seasoning: This process is carried out in the drum. The purpose of oil spraying is to prevent the product from absorbing moisture, to give the product a certain stability and to prolong its shelf life. The purpose of condiment spraying is to improve the taste and flavor. With the rotation of the drum, the material enters from one end and comes out from the other. Oil injection is carried out when the material enters the drum, and the material is evenly coated on the surface of the material through rolling stirring. When passing through the middle of the drum, seasoning is added, rolling without stirring, and the product comes out of the drum. The product should have uniform color and a pleasant white surface. Spray oil can be replaced by salad oil. Seasoning can be added according to need, such as curry, spicy, butter, etc.

9. Packaging: The product is sealed by polyethylene plastic film used in pillow packaging machine, which requires sealing, beauty and neatness. Jinan Bright core filling snacks equipment is worthy of your trust.


  • Jinan Datong core filling snacks production line
  • Jinan Datong core filling snacks production line
  • Jinan Datong core filling snacks production line
  • Jinan Datong core filling snacks production line

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